White spirit


White Spirit is a blend  of ethanol,Paraffin, Cyclo-Paraffin and Aromatic hydrocarbons with boiling range of 145-175 °C and a density  of 0.79 g/ml. It is  clear water like white liquid which is  chemically stable and non-corrosive, and possess a mild odor.

White Spirit is  conventional  solvent which possesses  a mild odor due to use of appropriate feed-stock and refining.


White Spirit  is used as solvent in dye and varnish industry, for insecticides conditioning, in chemical industry, etc. Moreover, It is not only used in the preparation of furniture,shoes and floor polishes but also it is a very effective metal degreaser and dry cleaning solvent.


End users are sole responsible for not using the product in accordance with producer’s prescriptions and import country legislation in force.


White spirit is delivered only in clean suitable means of transportation, each lot being accompanied by quality and quantity certificates. Quality is guaranteed for 12 (twelve) months starting from producing date.

As product is flammable, usual caution measures of fire prevention have to be taken when handling and storing this product.


The storage site should be  far away from the fire. It must be stored at dry and cool place which is  away from the direct sunshine to avoid deterioration

The packaging, marking and storage shall be made as per stipulations of Pakistan standard STAS 4225/79