rust converter


HAMRIT is a unique quick drying rust converter. it  is designed to convert rust into an inert Zinc phosphate coating on iron and steel surface which provide excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding paint adhesion with the base metal. This inert phosphate coating prevents oxygen attack on the metal surface and inhibits corrosion development.

The job should be degreased then allow to react with HAMRIT by applying through brush, spray or cotton swab.The phosphated surface must be  allowed to dry for few hours then should be painted or oiled as per requirement.


It converts adamantly adhering rust into inert zinc phosphate coating. The coating so develop exhibits excellent mechanical stability, abrasion resistance, bond strength and exceptional anti-corrosive and adhesion properties.

It is a non-flammable water-based rust converter which completely resolves all rust related problems in the home, automobile and construction industry .It is a unique multipurpose product which not only remove rust, and curb the process of  rust development on metal surface but also provide excellent base for subsequent organic coatings such as Oil or paint.


The treated surface should be allowed to dry for 4-6 hours  at room temperature. 


  • It is economical metal prime and rust converter which provides twice the coverage compared to Lacquers and conventional organic primers
  • It provide better protection than conventional methods of rust prevention
  • It also provide better adhesion of paint with the base metal
  • Easy to use and economical.


  • This rust converter can be applied by brush or spray
  • It is a metal prime which provides good corrosion resistance
  • It forms a chemically inert layer on metal surface which makes it suitable for electrophoretic lacquering.
  • The coating develops a non-conducting bond between the base metal and the paint.
  • It provides impervious metal encapsulation along with rust transformation, which protects against micro-porous ion migration.