Aluminum cleaner


HAMCLEAN-13ALU is Aluminum cleaner which is especially formulated to remove oils, greases and waxes from aluminum surface by soaking the job in the chemical solution at ambient or slightly elevated temperature such as 40-45°C. The chemical is especially suitable for aluminum and its alloys.


To clean light, medium, heavy oils, waxes and greases from aluminum surface


The treatment time should be 10-15 minutes immersion or 2-3 minute spray  at Room temperature.


  • It is a Low Foaming Aluminum cleaner
  • It is suitable for aluminum and other sensitive metals
  • It is a multipurpose and heavy duty metal cleaner
  • It can be used in dip or Spray applications
  • It is a biodegradable, non-toxic aluminum cleaner that safely clean sensitive metals such as aluminum.
  • This is a potent acid-free aluminum cleaner which is suitable for uncoated or polished aluminum.


The cleaning perfection is checked in the adjacent water bath. The metal surface is closely watched when the job is lifted from the water bath. A continuous film of water on the metal surface indicates perfect cleaning, Whereas, the scattered water droplets on the metal surface indicates the presence Of oil traces which needs to be removed by further treatment.