AQUAPURE-111 is a descaler which is designed to remove calcium and magnesium carbonate scales and other non soluble sediments from heat exchangers, boilers, chiller tubes, steam generators and other chief components. The product is applied manually and it  is also suitable for cleaning the water tanks. The carbonate scales react with AQUAPURE-111 and produces a loose froth.


AQUAPURE-111 is a descaler which is  composed of an organic hydroxyl carboxylic acid


The shelf life of AQUAPURE-111 is indefinite and the product can be safely stored for a very long period but a direct contact with the moisture should be avoided.


AQUAPURE-111 powder is first dissolved in four parts of water; this solution is then applied on the scale deposits with the help of simple paint brush. The scales are then allowed to react for 10 to 15 minutes. The loose mass is then scraped and removed.