Paint Stripper


ROSH STRIP is a heavy duty paint stripper that effectively removes high performance, architectural and industrial paints and coatings. ROSH STRIP will effectively remove multiple coats of varnishes, oil-based coatings, water-based coatings, acrylics, urethane, most epoxies, some inorganic zincs and elastomeric coatings. It is safe for use on most substrates including wood, brick, stone, concrete, metal etc. It does not require the use of a neutralizer after removal.


The paint Stripper is ideal for the tough finishes found on automobiles, trucks and industrial equipment. It effectively removes polyurethanes, enamels, lacquers, primers, clear coat/base coat systems, and most other coatings from aluminum and other metals.


Rosh Strip is a paint stripper which is VOC compliant with all national, state and local regulations.


FormWhite Paste

Flash Point93°c

pH – 7

VOC 5%

Freeze PointMaintain above 32 degrees F°

Shelf Life2 years in a tightly sealed container and kept in a warm, clean and dry environment.

Specific Gravity– 1.2893


  • It removes up to 20 layers of latex of acrylic coatings in a single application

  • It has Virtually no odor

  • It has  Low VOC content

  • It is Non-caustic

  • It is Non-flammable

  • It has neutral pH. Therefore, No neutralization is  necessary.