Our Introduction

metal finishing

We would like to introduce ourselves as the leading supplier of metal finishing and Specialty chemicals in Pakistan. FINU CHEMICAL SERVICES is a chemical organization, which not only provide specialty chemicals but also offer design services to meet the requirement of specific company which deals in value added products and services.The company established in August, 1985. Since its inception the company which strongly recognizes the demands of local and global market has been offering innovative products in the field of metal finishing and other specialty chemicals which includes Phosphating Chemicals,Rust preventives,Textile and paper chemicals,Metal working Fluids,Water Treatment chemicals,Cleaning Chemicals,Wire Drawing chemicals and other industrial chemicals.We offer proactive solutions, comprehend the need of our client and provide right pretreatment chemicals, and ensure smooth production so our client can achieve best results.

Our Services

  • System designing
  • Paint and Coating Consultancy
  • Heat exchange system designing
  • Product designing
  • OEM/ODM Services
  • Analytical Testing
  • Custom Spray Nozzle Solutions
  • Corrosion and Technology Testing