galvanized Steel


Under severe conditions such as coastal areas and exterior surfaces, a high quality acrylic coating is essential. In such cases, appropriate phosphating treatment for galvanized steel is mandatory. Since, it increases adhesion and greatly enhances the performance of paints in extreme conditions. Their use is obligatory under many of the paint systems recommended for more severe exposure conditions. Phosphating treatment produce adherent non-metallic conversion coatings of fine crystalline structure which provide excellent, permanent adhesion and generally upgrade the performance of suitable paint systems on galvanized steel. Application usually comprises of  three-stage,

  • Thoroughly clean and de-grease the work piece
  • The phosphating solution is applied by dip, brush or spray and left for 3-5 minutes to allow formation of the grey zinc phosphate coating.
  • The surface must be rinsed with plenty of fresh water and allowed to dry. Painting should be carried out as soon as possible after the surface has dried.


FINBON-Gal is designed to provide an ideal Zinc Phosphate coating on galvanized Steel. The system works ideal at room temperature within the range of 10°C to 40 °C. The zinc phosphate coating so developed creates a  crystalline structure. These crystals facilitate the adhesion of paint to the base metal and inhibit corrosion development.


FINBON-Gal provides adequate wear resistance due to the presence of heavy metal ions.
• It is an energy efficient process because system works ideally at 35 to 40c which reduces pre-treatment cost approximately 40-50% as compared to conventional Phosphating processes operating at higher temperature.
• The chemical consumption of FINBON-Gal is reported to be 40 to 50% less then the conventional phosphating chemicals working at higher temperature.
• It confers excellent adhesion properties to Galvanized steel.


• It is suitable for  galvanized steel
• It forms a small amount of sludge.
FINBON-Gal coating develops a non-conducting bond between the base metal and the paint.
FINBON-Gal can be used for both spray and immersion applications.
• It forms a chemically inert layer on metal surface which makes it suitable for subsequent paint coatings