AQUAPURE-101 is an antiscalant water treatment chemical which is  designed to check the deposition of scales along the water channel of the cooling system. The chemical system in Aquapure-101 reacts with the calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in the circulating water and render them incapable of depositing anywhere in the water line.

The inhibition and Anti-scaling  properties of Aquapure-101 assist in  extend running time of the system, mitigating cleaning frequency and enhancing the productive life of boiler and water cooling system.


It is an antiscalant for  boiler water, cooling towers and  heat exchange systems


It should be 10 to 30% with respect to volume at room temperature and should be circulated for 4 hours. The accurate concentration will depend upon the actual quantity of scale and the nature of scale that is present in the equipment.


  • It is easy to handle
  • It Dissolves scales rapidly
  • It Offers uniform descaling
  • It is Non inflammable
  • It furnishes higher system recovery rates and minimum cleaning frequency
  •  It is highly effective at low dosage and in  wide range of water feeding systems.It is also certified for use in systems producing drinking water.
  • It is  compatible with organic coagulants.
  •  It Effectively controls large concentration of inorganic scales
  • This antiscalant is  particularly cost-effective in saline water and municipal applications.


AQUAPURE-101 chemical powder is first dissolved in small volume of warm water. This solution is then injected in the basal water tank of the cooling system the water is then allowed to circulate for complete mixing.