Zinc Phosphate coating


Zinc Phosphate Coating is essential in most of the  applications where finished work pieces must have high corrosion resistance and conspicuous  paint adhesion. The zinc phosphate coating can improve the physical appearance of finished goods through the formation of a uniform grey or black appearance. This process is also a cost-effective alternative to Zinc and  nickel plating

Zinc Phosphate Coating  is a protective layer on a metal surface which is created by chemical reaction between the metal and a chemical solution. Owing to its economy, swiftness of operation and ability to provide excellent corrosion resistance, high decorative finish on every day  products, wear resistance,  facilitation of lubricant and Paint adhesive properties, It plays a significant role in the automobile, process and appliance industries.



HAMBOND-Z is designed to produce micro-crystalline zinc phosphate coating on Iron and steel surface in a hot bath at a temperature of 70 to 80°C. The phosphate coating so produced is highly corrosion resistant and provides a good base for paint adhesion. The coating is composed of calcium modified Zinc Phosphate crystals which prevents the attack of atmospheric oxygen and hold the paint roots.


HAMBOND-Z provides adequate wear resistance due to the presence of heavy metal ions.

 It is anti-galling and will not flake or peel off.

 It provides excellent paint adhesion


It is suitable for iron, Mild steel and zinc substrate.

It forms a small amount of sludge.

HAMBOND-Z coating develops a non-conducting bond between the base metal and the paint.

HAMBOND-Z can be used for both spray and immersion applications.It forms a chemically inert layer on metal surface which makes it suitable for electrophoretic lacquering.

It removes light metal scratches which are formed during metal working process

It is a non-flammable liquid which retards corrosion.